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OTT Party

Disney Plus Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Watch Disney Plus In Sync With Friends Worldwide

OTT PARTY has launched a co-watching and streaming feature on Disney Plus just for you and your loved ones. Now, you can host or join a Disney Plus watch party in perfect sync worldwide with any number of people. The distance between you and your loved one doesn’t matter anymore. Therefore, by installing the free OTT Party extension, you can enjoy a Disney Plus Party in sync with anyone around the globe. Wondering how to host or join a Disney Party? Read Here.

How to Use Disney Plus Watch Party?

OTT PARTY is a free, user-friendly extension that lets you host or join seamless Disney watch parties with your family, friends, and loved ones. There is no restriction of any distance or different country location. You can host or join a Disney plus watch party in any country for free in sync. Here are the simple steps to know how you can join or host a smooth Disney plus party –

How to Use Disney Plus Watch Party

Firstly, you need the OTT PARTY extension installed in your system. You can proceed by ensuring that you have either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser available in your system. The OTT party extension supports macOS laptops, Chromebooks, Windows, and Computers.

After installing, you need to pin the OTT PARTY extension to the toolbar. Moreover, you will notice the “OP” button next to your address bar. Pin it to the toolbar. However, if you don’t see the “OP” button there, click on the puzzle icon in the top right corner of the address bar and pin the extension icon to the toolbar.

Now, you have to sign in to your Disney Plus account. Moreover, please know that you need your separate subscription to Disney Plus to host or join a Disney Plus Party. Each Member of the Disney Plus Party needs a different Disney Account for this.

Search the video you want to enjoy with your loved ones at the watch party and play it.

After playing the video, click on the “OP” button in the toolbar that you pinned. A window named “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” with a “START A PARTY” button will open. Click on that button to host a Disney plus party. Now, copy and share the generated URL with the friends you want to enjoy and escape with. By simply clicking on this URL, they can join the watch party.

To join a Disney party, you need to follow the same steps of installing the OTT PARTY extension and logging in to your Disney account. After that, you need to click on the invitation URL of the Disney plus party, and you will be redirected to the most amazing and seamless experience of your life with your friends.

Control the Disney Plus Watch Party

Enable the “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL” button and get complete control of the watch party. Moreover, please know that only the host of the Disney party has access to this feature. As the host, you get to Play, Pause, Forward, and Rewind the particular video. However, remember that the host only controls the currently playing video, but all the Disney watch party members still control their system settings. Therefore, all the watch party members can control the language, subtitle, and audio settings of the video. Of course, the host also has the option of disabling the control button.

Spread the Love Worldwide

You can host or join a perfect Disney Plus Watch Party anywhere around the world. Moreover, the distance is not the issue with OTT PARTY anymore. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you are or where your loved ones are. You can create a fun virtual movie night with a click. Synchronizing videos in different country locations has never been this way and this easy. Just gather your friends online and host the most memorable virtual watch party with them for free.

Chat While Streaming Feature

To always feel your loved ones around, you can chat with them while streaming your favorite shows and add to the fun. OTT PARTY provides you with the craziest features so you can stream in your comfort zone and feel like you’re home while being away. While being at a Disney plus watch party, you can chat with all the members of the Disney party in real-time.

Customize Your Disney Plus Watch Party

You can choose a nickname for your profile and jollify it to the next step. However, OTT PARTY provides the option to select any inbuilt avatar as your user icon. Therefore, you can customize your profile to a fun one by choosing an amusing nickname and avatar for yourself. This will appear in your group chat and watch party to all the members during the Disney plus party. Moreover, you can also send emojis in the group chat and have fun.

Customize Your Disney Plus Watch Party

Experience Smooth HD Streaming in Any Country

If everything else wasn’t enough, you get streaming in smooth HD video quality and fast buffering speed to enhance your watch party experience. Therefore, OTT PARTY is a one-stop destination for all those Disney Plus party fanatics. Moreover, please know that you can create a Disney plus watch party wherever Disney Plus is available. However, it is preferred that all the members of the watch party be in the same country. But if someone is from a different country location, they can use the VPN services and change their country location to join or host the Disney plus party.

Troubleshooting Disney Plus Watch Party

Disney Plus Party via OTT PARTY runs smoothly, and we doubt that you will ever face any issue with your Disney party. However, we must consider that problems may sometimes arise since up to 100 people can join the Disney plus watch party. Therefore, an issue with server overloading is very common in such cases. Moreover, if you ever get stuck at some point, then please ask yourself –