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is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Host a HBO Max Watch Party via OTT Party

HBO Max Watch Party is specially made for all the HBO Max lovers. OTT PARTY provides the power to binge-watch any Hbo Max show or movie in sync with your friends worldwide. You can watch anything, anywhere, anytime with anyone around the world with Hbo Max Party. Here’s everything you need to know before hosting a virtual party via OTT Party in sync.

How to Host a HBO Max Watch Party via OTT Party?

How to Host a HBO Max Watch Party

To host the HBO Party, you need the OTT Party extension installed on your system. You only need to make sure that you have either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome installed on your device. Moreover, it is compatible with Windows, macOS, Laptops, Chromebook, or Computers.

After installing the extension, you will notice an extension icon named HBO PARTY located right next to the address bar. Make sure to pin it to the toolbar. If the icon is not there, click on the puzzle icon in the top right corner of your address bar and then click on the extension icon to pin it.

After this, you need to sign in to your HBO account. Please note that all the users must have a separate subscription on HBO Max.

Next, you need to search, select, and start the TV show or movie you wish to watch at the watch party with your friends.

Click on the HBO Max extension icon located at the toolbar. A window named “Create a watch party” will appear. Now, click on the “Start A Party” button to host your HBO watch party. Copy and share this HBO party link with the friends you want to enjoy the watch party with.

How to Join a HBO Watch Party via OTT Party?

Please note that you need either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser installed to your system for downloading this extension. Moreover, you need to install the OTT PARTY extension even to join a watch party. It supports PC, Windows, or macOS laptops and Chromebooks.

Open HBO Max and sign in to your account. However, please remember that you need your own Hbo subscription to join an HBO watch party. All the participants of the watch party must have their separate subscriptions to HBO Max to join the watch party.

Now, click on the invitation link sent to you by the host of the watch party, and you will be redirected to the Hbo max watch party with your friends. Now, all the videos will sync up so that everyone can watch their favorite shows together in perfect sync with their mates.

How to Join a HBO Watch Party

Stream & Sync HBO in HD Quality

Who doesn’t love to stream with fast buffering speed and excellent video quality? Well, OTT Party allows you to enjoy your preferred HBO TV shows and movies in sync with anyone worldwide absolutely free, and that too in HD video quality. You get to chill while streaming everything with quick buffering and fantastic video quality on-screen.

Countries You Can Host HBO Party at

You can create or join an HBO Watch Party in any country where Hbo Max is available. Moreover, it is preferred that all the members of the watch party be in the same country. However, if someone from the watch party is in a different country location, they can use the VPN services. You only have to make sure that HBO Max is available in all the countries where the watch party members are located.

Get Complete Control of The Watch Party

As the host of the HBO Watch Party, you get complete control of the watch party. Therefore, you will be able to play, pause, forward, and rewind the video according to yourself. Moreover, you can enable this feature by turning the “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL” button green. However, if you don’t want to control the watch party, then you could disable the button. In addition to this, please keep in mind that the host will only have control of the video playing at the moment, but all the members of the watch party still have control of their system settings. Therefore, the members can adjust language, audio, and subtitle settings according to themselves.

Customize Your Watch Party & Chat in Real-Time

To make your Hbo Watch Party more jolly and playful, OTT Party provides the feature of customizing your profile by putting up avatars as user icons and keeping nicknames. Furthermore, the user icon and nickname will appear during your watch party and also during the group chat. Oh, didn’t we mention? You get to chat with all the watch party members while streaming. Therefore, you can discuss the scenes while watching and send playful emojis to add extra fun to your already memorable watch party. With these functions, you get to enjoy and escape with your loved ones despite the distance.

Troubleshooting HBO Max Watch Party

HBO Max Watch Party via OTT PARTY runs flawlessly and perfectly. However, while ensuring that you will hardly ever face any problems, we must consider that issues may pop up sometimes. Since up to 100 people can join a watch party at once, an issue like server overload is very common. Just in case you find any problem, please ask yourself –