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OTT Party

Netflix Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Host A Seamless Netflix Party Via OTT Party

Here’s a new way of enjoying Netflix with your loved ones. OTT Party extension lets you watch your favorite Netflix TV shows and movies with anyone around the world in perfect sync. Therefore, wherever you are, you can feel connected with your friends despite the miles. Hence, you can escape by hosting or joining any Netflix Party with HD video quality.


how to host Netflix Party

First things first, you need to install OTT PARTY extension on your device by clicking here. Please make sure that you have either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on your device. Furthermore, it supports Chromebook, macOS, Windows, or Computer.

After installing the extension, you will see the OP button right next to your browser’s toolbar. Pin it to the toolbar. Moreover, if you don’t see the OP button, click on the puzzle icon in the top right corner of the address bar and pin the OP button to your toolbar.

Now all you need to do is open Netflix and sign in to your Netflix account. However, note that you need your own Netflix subscription for a watch party.

After logging in to your netflix account, please search for the video you want to create a watch party for and play it.

Click on the OP button located right at the toolbar of your browser. Now, a window named “Create a watch party” will open. Please click on the “Start A Party” button to host your Netflix watch party. Copy and share this watch party link with the friends you want to join in your Netflix Party.

Customize Your NETFLIX Party

OTT PARTY lets you host and join exceptional Netflix Parties anytime, anywhere with anyone. However, this is not where the fun ends since OTT PARTY allows you to make your Netflix Party even more fun by letting you customize it. You can choose your own amusing user icons and keep a nickname for your Netflix Watch Party. Furthermore, you can also choose an inbuilt avatar that will appear in your watch party and the group chat with your friends around the globe. Moreover, you can even send emojis in the group chat and have fun by discussing the video you are watching together.


Just the way you need this extension to host a watch party, you need it for joining an existing Netflix Party as well. Therefore, make sure that you have installed OTT PARTY on your device.

Open Netflix and log in to your netflix account. However, note that you need your own netflix subscription to join the watch party for Netflix. All members of the watch party need their own separate netflix account to join the Netflix Party.

Now, click on the watch party link shared with you by your friend, and you will be redirected to the Netflix watch party. Now, you can connect with your loved ones virtually and enjoy the watch party.


“Only I Have Control” Feature

This feature is specially made for all the control freaks out there! Joking apart, this is a great feature as the host of the watch party. By turning the “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL” button green on selecting it, you can get complete control of the watch party. You will be able to Play, Pause, Forward, Rewind the video in sync with every member of the Netflix Party. Moreover, you can also deselect the button if you don’t want complete control of the watch party. Please note that each user has complete control over their own subtitle and audio settings. The host only controls the watch party, but your system settings are still in your control. Each member of the watch party can control their language, audio, and subtitle settings.

Stream NETFLIX with HD Video Quality

Get the most amazing user experience by streaming Netflix in HD video quality. OTT PARTY enables you to host a watch party of any video and playback with your pals in sync in fantastic video quality. It provides fast buffering for a seamless streaming encounter while watching your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix.

Chat with Your Gang while Enjoying NETFLIX

Have a real-time group chat function with everyone in the Netflix Watch Party. Now, you can have a chit-chat with your friends around the world while watching your favorite TV show or movie. Have fun by discussing the videos with them, and always feel connected despite the miles.

Troubleshooting NETFLIX PARTY

Netflix Party via OTT PARTY runs seamlessly and smoothly. You will hardly ever face any issue. However, considering that issues may arise sometimes. Up to 100 people could join a Netflix watch party at once, so there could be server overload once in a blue moon. In case you ever face any issue, please make sure –