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is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge
prime watch party

Go Bonkers with the new-age extension that allows you to connect with your loved ones living far away. Furthermore, through Prime Watch Party via OTT Party, you can enjoy your desired Prime videos with your friends together. The best part of the Prime Watch Party is that it is free of cost and performs as an anchor between you and your distant loved ones. In addition, this OTT party extension comes with great extraordinary features that will grip your mind. However, if you are wondering how to install the extension, we will guide you through it. We have brought a compilation of manuals to learn more about the Prime Watch Party. Therefore, learn how to host virtual watch parties via OTT Parties. So, chop-chop. Hence, start hosting a tremendous virtual party with the most fantastic cinematic experience ever.


To download the prime watch party is an effortless step. Furthermore, you can download the excellent watch party with a few easy clicks. This is a user-friendly extension for the users to install and download. Besides, this extension will let you enjoy your favorite movie or tv shows with your pals together for free. Moreover, an OTT Party enables you to get in sync with your loved ones online. You can sync playback with your pals together and stream Prime videos with your friends living far away.   

You can locate the OTT party extension in your web browser. Furthermore, from there, you can download it on the go on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. In addition, the extension is compatible with Mac OS, Chromebooks, and Windows. Also, you can get the Teleparty extension for your device by clicking here.

It would be best to pin the Teleparty extension to the toolbar, which is an intelligent method of keeping it in the device. Users can click on the “ICON” next to the address bar to pin this. Pinning the Teleparty to the toolbar will allow you to access it later.

To avoid any issues with syncing your favorite content, log in to your Prime Video account. Furthermore, make sure you have a separate membership for each person. Additionally, everyone who wants to be a part of the viewing party must have their very own account.

You must search for your selected videos every time you enter into your Prime account. As a result, play it and then pause it to organize a Prime Watch Party.

Ensure that you press the ‘extension’ icon in your toolbar when pausing your video. Therefore, A pop-up titled “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” will also appear. As a result, click on the pop-up, which will display a URL. To join the Prime Watch Party via OTT Party, you must copy and share that URL with your friends.

Copy the invitation URL you just created and send it to the people you want to invite to your Watch Party. As a result, you’ll be able to progress through the unique streaming experience in several simple steps. The party, however, is available to anybody who has received a watch party invitation.

Finally, all you have to do is click the link to the watch party. Make sure you have the Teleparty add-on, though. You can get the extension from Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge if you don’t already have it. Furthermore, in order to join the watch party, you must have a separate active membership.


We understand that you prioritize the privacy of your watch party. As a result, this plugin gives you absolute control over your virtual party. Only the host, however, has power over the watch party. As a result, they can add or delete members whenever they wish.

You can now talk to your buddies while viewing movies or television shows. Yes, you read that correctly. This extension has a live chat feature that allows you to stay in touch. You can also send emojis to your friends as reactions.

You may now communicate with your buddies from any corner of the world and at any time. Furthermore, this plugin allows you to create and attend a virtual viewing party with your friends anywhere in the world, just free of cost.

The best aspect of this extension is that it allows you to customize your accounts to your liking. Furthermore, you can also personalize your Prime watch party with fun or quirky usernames and graphics. Moreover, you can also choose which avatars are shown to the other members of the watch party.



The Prime Watch Party on OTT PARTY is flawlessly coordinated and goes without a hitch. However, because a watching party could attract up to 100 people, we must consider the danger of server overload. As a result, if you have a problem with your watch party, make sure you have the OTT PARTY add-on installed.